05 Feb

Will the Internets Please Make Up Its Mindses?

circuit board

A small California company called “Apple” recently announced a new gizmo, this thing they’re calling the “IPad.” You may have heard of it…

Anyway, almost right away the masses all flocked to the cliffs denouncing Apple because it just does this and it doesn’t do that. “It’s not as big as a jumbotron!” and “It won’t massage my feet!” That sort of thing. Some of the concerns I agree with, some are silly, but there are other sites to read about that.

One of the biggest complaints was the absence of Adobe’s Flash. It’s been missing in the iPhone since day one, and it looks like it’ll be missing in the iPad as well. So many sites pretty much carved the iPad’s (and perhaps even Apple’s) epitaph as “Doesn’t Support Flash.” RIP: “How the iPad’s Lack of Flash Could Spell Disaster

No one’s going to want this thing, and its name sounds like a…well, you’ve heard the jokes, right?

But then an interesting shift occurred. Suddenly, this thing that no one is going to buy, somehow became the deathblow to Flash: “Did Steve Jobs Just Kill Flash?” and “Flash Is Dead + The iPad Is Its Tombstone” and lions and tigers and bears…OH MY! Then Steve Jobs said Adobe is “lazy” and Adobe called Apple a bunch of fruit (OK, I made that one up, but they did fight back)…

This has me wondering: How can a device that no one wants to buy (excepts cats and Star Trek cosplayers), how will affect anything? Isn’t Flash still right where it was as is Apple? I mean, hell, the next version of Flash will allow people to create iPhone/Pad apps even!

So… what’s the story here? That technology is evolving? That people are quick to make HUGE statements?

My feeling is that the iPad is nifty, but it could have been a lot niftier. The price is nice, however, and I really look forward to seeing what kinds of apps people will come up with, especially now that there’s (A LOT!) more screen real estate. I also think Flash will be around for some time to come. I understand that some folk don’t like it, that it can be abused (I’m talking about you, movie websites…), and there are problems caused by imperfect programmers (sorry about that…), but it’s still a powerful tool, one that will be around for some time to come. And the possibility (we’ll see how well it works in practice) of creating apps for the iPhone/iPad with Flash CS5 sound REALLY cool, especially for someone like me who doesn’t want to learn another language.

So long live the abacus!