Author: SlowX

07 Feb


Mediocrity. Yeah, the same old same old. It was a good game, ups and downs, some good larfs during the relatively tame commercials, but…what was new? What was daring? It was the biggest TV audience of the year, and…it was stuff we’ve seen before.

05 Feb

Will the Internets Please Make Up Its Mindses?

A small California company called “Apple” recently announced a new gizmo, this thing they’re calling the “IPad.” You may have heard of it… Anyway, almost right away the masses all flocked to the cliffs denouncing Apple because it just does this and it doesn’t do that. “It’s not as big as a jumbotron!” and “It […]

01 Jan

Beware the Foot (2009 times!)

Yes, it’s a new year, and the critter reminds you to BEWARE THE FOOT! We know this, we all somehow know this, even if it’s not necessarily “the foot,” but rather it’s beware “the man,” or “the urge to yell,” or “the temptation to grab that sack of cash your boss leaves by your desk […]

19 Mar

Prophets in My Midst: The (Good) Lawyer

Part of a series about everyday people I met who said a lot. About a year ago my wife had some legal woes dealing with an old landlord. We were also in the middle of making peace with upstairs neighbors who really couldn’t be bothered with the fact that folk live below them (I’m guessing […]

19 Mar


Seems odd to meet a friend for drinks to talk about his wife’s drinking problem…

18 Jan


Unlike earlier, now there’s no time like the present.

18 Jan

Prophets in My Midst: The Valve Salesman

Part of a series about everyday people I met who said a lot. Engineers can be a strange lot. On one hand they’re pretty dorky, wrapped up in numbers, equations and formulas, but they’re also usually men, and when I was one in the late ’80s, we were “guys.” So when Larry the valve salesman […]

16 Jan


Does a “vow of silence” include burps, farts, hiccups and/or sneezes?

10 Jan

A Reminder…

The desert called to me. Unlike other times, this time I listened. And then I walked, and hiked, and climbed… Oh how I climbed! Later, with legs of rubber and a jackhammer heart, I listened again, and it said: There may be 100s of good reasons to go back, but there’s one great reason to […]

06 Jan

Beep-Beep ‘n’ Beep-Beep… Yeah!

Baybe, if only you could drive my car.