01 Jan

Beware the Foot (2009 times!)

Yes, it’s a new year, and the critter reminds you to BEWARE THE FOOT!

We know this, we all somehow know this, even if it’s not necessarily “the foot,” but rather it’s beware “the man,” or “the urge to yell,” or “the temptation to grab that sack of cash your boss leaves by your desk every night at 6:15PM”…

Oh vigilance, you look like quite the goof dressed in your puffy pants and rainbow suspenders. Yet without you I’m following the law of gravity and dropping into the mineshaft.

Note I’m not talking about FEAR. No, that’s a four-letter-word that’s in line with them other four-letter-words, like FLEA and FART. Sure, they’re facts of life, but you avoid them ’cause they itch and stink.

So “Hello 2009! May I buy you a glass of ice tea?”

But inside, be careful, be smart, watch out…