10 Apr

Letter to Politician

Cash Machine

Dear Politician,

Congratulations on not shutting down the government. I can only imagine what a bad mark that would have on your career if it happened while you were in office.

However, due to the cuts and “compromises” that have led to this recent budget, and the subsequent increased tax burden to people like me, I will no longer be able to financially support you nor the Democratic party in any future elections. Instead I will be donating available money directly to causes I believe in, such as arts organizations that once received funding from The Nation Endowment of the Arts; programs that help low income people; and organizations such as National Public Radio and The Public Broadcasting System.

I will, however, still support candidates who support reasonable tax policies, and who fought to maintain funding for progressive causes that I believe in.

This may not concern you, but I believe it should. For a while you’ll shift your fundraising efforts to corporations and wealthier donors, but that puts you in direct financial competition with your opponent. History has shown that unless you completely abandon all your principles, you will lose that battle.

Furthermore, I believe I am not alone. Others like me will also suspend donations, and our many, yet relatively small numbers, will add up, resulting in a loss for your campaign.

Also, I will no longer fall prey to the “I’m better than my opponent” argument, because more and more, with every election, there are more similarities than differences, so really…why bother?

Sadly, this extends to my vote. Right now, I honestly feel it won’t matter because you’ll compromise or flat-out ignore campaign promises. At least with your opponent in office I won’t be surprised or heartbroken like I have been since your election.

Of course all this can still change if we refocus our efforts on helping those in need, on educating children, creating meaningful jobs, resolving conflicts peacefully here and abroad, and using technology to improve our lives and our planet.

I guess that’s this American’s dream.


Ted Kusio