04 Feb



For some reason I gave myself a challenge: Draw or doodle a “dude” (or character) every day during the month of February, and share with the world. So I came up with the “#DoodADay” hashtag (“Dood” can = “dude,” or be short for “doodle”).

My goal is to do quick stuff, and at least 29 (damn leap year!) drawings, doodles, whatevers.

Some of my Twitter friends, including @_mojuju_, @lina003, @thepear1, @mjanepurcell, @PatriciaGapske, @ChristineCantow, @artbynemo and, of course, @_plainKate_ and others are participating and/or just enjoying what’s out there.

Check out the #DoodADay stream on Twitter here.

A bunch of images with the tag are here.

This is open to everybody, and there are no real rules: Let’s just make art and share! Post on Twitter w/ the #DoodADay hashtag, or on Facebook, or your site, post a link in the comments, or not. But if you do, I’d love top see what you did.

Meanwhile, here’s my collection February 2012 dudes. Hope you dig.