14 Jan


Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

Dear NRA & Gun-Owners,

If you truly want to win me and my pro-gun-control ilk over, I suggest three things:

1 – Have all gun owners sign a “Right to Life” contract, that everyone– regardless of gender, race, religion/non-religion, sexual orientation, politics, etc.–has the same right to life as the gun owner.

2 – The more complex the gun, the greater the regular mandatory training/practice.

3 – Chill the fuck out. Your antagonistic “we need MORE guns!” rhetoric makes you sound like a crazy person who brings a gun to a knife fight…and this is just a conversation, a debate, not a knife fight. Your threatening tone makes me prefer you had no guns.

BONUS: If you don’t like the idea of gun bans, then help us explore what makes people kill people (with, or even without guns). Please, I really mean this: Why do people kill people? Why?! I don’t understand…

PS Blaming movies, video games etc. is just like blaming guns. So, pardon the pun, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot with THAT kind of argument.

Otherwise, I personally do not want to live in a world where guns are needed to be safe. Instead, while living in what many people think is a scary part of town (Harlem, NYC), I feel safe, without a gun. I know there are crazy, and bad people out there, but I actually have faith in people (and beyond people), so I do my best to create the kind of world I want to live in.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts. I welcome your opinions and open mind.


— Ted