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04 Feb


For some reason I gave myself a challenge: Draw or doodle a “dude” (or character) every day during the month of February, and share with the world. So I came up with the “#DoodADay” hashtag (“Dood” can = “dude,” or be short for “doodle”). My goal is to do quick stuff, and at least 29 […]

09 Jan

Today’s Post

  That is all.

27 Aug

Still ♥ing…

Too soon? Too obvious? Does it matter?

10 Mar


Amazing but “true” video…! Looks like they were right: It’s all my fault!

02 Mar

Look at These Thises

I’ve got some pics and stuff that are worth sharing with you, the world. Hope you dig.

01 Jan

Beware the Foot (2009 times!)

Yes, it’s a new year, and the critter reminds you to BEWARE THE FOOT! We know this, we all somehow know this, even if it’s not necessarily “the foot,” but rather it’s beware “the man,” or “the urge to yell,” or “the temptation to grab that sack of cash your boss leaves by your desk […]

10 Jan

A Reminder…

The desert called to me. Unlike other times, this time I listened. And then I walked, and hiked, and climbed… Oh how I climbed! Later, with legs of rubber and a jackhammer heart, I listened again, and it said: There may be 100s of good reasons to go back, but there’s one great reason to […]

06 Jan

Beep-Beep ‘n’ Beep-Beep… Yeah!

Baybe, if only you could drive my car.

09 Dec


I had a dream once. It wasn’t in color…