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14 Jul

Damn Words.

In my head it all makes sense. On the superficial level, I tell people that up is down, left is right, night is day and all that “opposite” crap. That’s stuff that’s easy to explain and many simply accept it, even if they can’t imagine it. Yet it’s a lie, like the superficial definition of […]

11 May

Primetime Irony

I can’t watch “Glee” Yes, it’s true. Because I was a “band fag” in high school (that’s what the jocks and burnouts called us), I can relate to a lot of the abuse handed out to the students on that show, and I 100% support teaching arts in high school. But “Glee” is just not […]

10 May


One should never take the powers of one’s Random Thought Generator lightly peanut heaven dog clean. Damn, let me turn this off…. Anyway, it’s fun for a while, but then things just get confusing and stressful. Like, it’s hard to tell if after getting out of bed you want to take a bath or eat […]

10 Apr

Letter to Politician

Dear Politician, Congratulations on not shutting down the government. I can only imagine what a bad mark that would have on your career if it happened while you were in office. However, due to the cuts and “compromises” that have led to this recent budget, and the subsequent increased tax burden to people like me, […]

07 Apr


She convulsed her way up the stairs. One full-body spasm after the other guided each foot up, step after step. It looked like it would take her forever, but we were all in a rush so we passed her. Yet who knows? She could have been royalty, Tom Cruise in drag, or the President of […]

07 Feb


Mediocrity. Yeah, the same old same old. It was a good game, ups and downs, some good larfs during the relatively tame commercials, but…what was new? What was daring? It was the biggest TV audience of the year, and…it was stuff we’ve seen before.

05 Feb

Will the Internets Please Make Up Its Mindses?

A small California company called “Apple” recently announced a new gizmo, this thing they’re calling the “IPad.” You may have heard of it… Anyway, almost right away the masses all flocked to the cliffs denouncing Apple because it just does this and it doesn’t do that. “It’s not as big as a jumbotron!” and “It […]

19 Mar

Prophets in My Midst: The (Good) Lawyer

Part of a series about everyday people I met who said a lot. About a year ago my wife had some legal woes dealing with an old landlord. We were also in the middle of making peace with upstairs neighbors who really couldn’t be bothered with the fact that folk live below them (I’m guessing […]

19 Mar


Seems odd to meet a friend for drinks to talk about his wife’s drinking problem…

18 Jan


Unlike earlier, now there’s no time like the present.