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Short written stuff

27 Aug

Still ♥ing…

Too soon? Too obvious? Does it matter?

07 Aug

Antisocial TIN

Wrapped around my own little finger the hammer bangs and bangs. “What you got there?” the guy next to me asked. “Those seem like some long nails.” Yeah, they are,” I replied. “They’re ‘Ted’ inch nails.” He looked at me confused as hell. “My name’s ‘Ted.’” I reluctantly added as I resumed hammering. Yeah, welcome […]

07 Apr


She convulsed her way up the stairs. One full-body spasm after the other guided each foot up, step after step. It looked like it would take her forever, but we were all in a rush so we passed her. Yet who knows? She could have been royalty, Tom Cruise in drag, or the President of […]

19 Mar


Seems odd to meet a friend for drinks to talk about his wife’s drinking problem…

18 Jan


Unlike earlier, now there’s no time like the present.

16 Jan


Does a “vow of silence” include burps, farts, hiccups and/or sneezes?