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An opinion… or more

14 Jan


Dear NRA & Gun-Owners, If you truly want to win me and my pro-gun-control ilk over, I suggest three things: 1 – Have all gun owners sign a “Right to Life” contract, that everyone– regardless of gender, race, religion/non-religion, sexual orientation, politics, etc.–has the same right to life as the gun owner. 2 – The […]

06 Dec

Stringing Up “St. SlowX’s Fire” Theory

For the most part, “St. Elmo’s Fire” is a pretty melodramatic, angst-ridden, ‘80s movie filled with big hair, shoulder pads, the “brat pack,” post-college depression, and lots of shiny early-MTV style. In the middle of it there’s one scene that always got to me. (spoiler alert?) Cynical journalist-wanna-be Kevin Dolenz (Andrew McCarthy) loves Leslie Hunter […]

18 Nov

What I Saw

November 17 was a “Day of Action,” prompted by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I strongly support what these people are saying, and wanted to add to their numbers, so I got to their final event in Foley Square, NYC, as soon as I could. I got there around 6PM, after many had left for […]

20 Oct

I Say I Want a Revolution #1 – Government Edition

The recent death of Troy Davis hit me hard. I didn’t know him or anyone else anyone directly involved with the case, but was drawn in due to my general opposition to the death penalty, and the many questions surrounding his guilt. So I joined the many, many voices opposing his death sentence, but the […]

09 Oct

Yes? No? Maybe? FIRE!

What do you think? Sure, Kirk got the ladies (human and alien), and Spock got the lady (a nurse even!), but Scotty was the one with the ideas on how to make technology work best for the given situation. He didn’t get stuck deciding what colors to use (I’m looking at you, Chekov…), or what […]

08 Oct

Occupy Wall St. AND Main St.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is amazing. When I first heard of it, I thought it’d last a day, fizzle out, and we’d never hear of it again. But the tenacity of the core group, and its strength has really moved me. Instead of believing protests are useless (especially after the huge world-wide “Don’t Invade […]

18 Sep

I Say I Want a Revolution

The “times are tough” meme keeps getting attention. People rant and shake impotent fists in the air crying/tweeting/posting “WE NEED A REVOLUTION!” (often adding “Someone should do something!”). Usually it’s just empty venting or hollow posturing that just muddies the water. Yet I agree, we DO need a revolution. Or more accurately, I need one: […]

14 Jul

Damn Words.

In my head it all makes sense. On the superficial level, I tell people that up is down, left is right, night is day and all that “opposite” crap. That’s stuff that’s easy to explain and many simply accept it, even if they can’t imagine it. Yet it’s a lie, like the superficial definition of […]

11 May

Primetime Irony

I can’t watch “Glee” Yes, it’s true. Because I was a “band fag” in high school (that’s what the jocks and burnouts called us), I can relate to a lot of the abuse handed out to the students on that show, and I 100% support teaching arts in high school. But “Glee” is just not […]

10 Apr

Letter to Politician

Dear Politician, Congratulations on not shutting down the government. I can only imagine what a bad mark that would have on your career if it happened while you were in office. However, due to the cuts and “compromises” that have led to this recent budget, and the subsequent increased tax burden to people like me, […]