SlowX's Reclamation!
Sept. 10-16, 2003

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It was time. I had to make the southwest mine once again, so I went there alone, and, wow, once again the spectacular landscape amazed me in so many ways! Here are some pictures I took, along w/ some words about what I saw. Hope you dig, and see at least some of the beauty I saw almost everywhere I looked! I mean, WOW!
Sept.10 The Flight Into Vegas
I flew from Buffalo, to Baltimore, to Jacksonville, to Houston, to Las Vegas. Yeesh! Actually, it wasn't so bad: I read a book and took some photos of clouds.
Sept.11 Vegas, Yeehah.
Saw all sorts of touristy stuff, like the Stratosphere tower, about 1,100 feet tall. There are also some images of my first hotel room, inluding one from the tower. Also, the last known picture of me when I was just 38 years old! Wow, I was young...
Sept.12 Happy Birthday to Me!
Yeah, this is the day I left Vegas, my birthday. First I encountered Valley of Fire, just north of Vegas, and then I landed on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a GREAT day, as I saw that stuff that mattered to me oh so much!
Sept.13 From Grand to Monument
After camping at the Grand Canyon, I headed further east toward Monument National Park.Along the way there were some spectacular vistas! It took me forever to drive, since I kept stopping to take photos, or at least to gasp.
Sept.14 Monument Valley
Located on a Navajo reservation, this was quite a spectacular park! The towers of rock just rose out of the desert, and there were so many, each one so different! I camped here (there are some photos of where I stayed). Although not the best place to camp, it was the most beautiful. I mean, just outside my tent was one of those HUGE rock formations! Images IMG_0321.jpg through IMG_0333.jpg were taken during a 3.2 mile hike around one of the big formations, called "Left Mitten."
Sept.15 Monument to Zion
After reluctantly leaving Monument Valley, I headed beack west to Vegas. But along the way there was plenty of additional spectacular scenery, including Zion National Park. I thought this place was just a forest-filled park, but it too was stuffed with magnificent rock formations, mountains, cliffs... There was also a 1.1 mile tunnel running through one of the cliffs that was quite spectacular (and kind of freaky). On image IMG_0359.jpg, there are actually two people mounatain climbing, which you may see on the next two closeups, IMG_0360.jpg and IMG_0361.jpg. I will will return someday, Zion!
Sept.16 That Was Fun, but Time for Home.
Here's a picture from the better hotel I stayed at in Vegas (Sahara), as well as a photo of me, sitting in a chair, smiling for some reason.